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Truck Utility Beds

When it comes time to buy new utility truck beds or used utility truck beds, you will find that these beds have an array of features you can choose from when you buy.

You will want to give serious consideration to what you will need to use the bed for: this will help you in determining what features you should demand in a high quality truck bed.

Utility Truck Beds and Components

When you are looking for utility truck beds you will find that there are many new designs as well as used utility truck beds.  These beds are created so that they can be used by personal consumers as well as commercial businesses that need to haul a lot of equipment or heavy items.  This means that new and used utility truck beds are made of durable, long-lasting materials.  Often times they are crafted out of galvanized steel and rust resistant aluminum.  Sometimes they are specially coated with a polyester powder to extend the durability of the utility truck beds in question.

You can order premade utility truck beds or you can have one custom made for your truck.  A custom made utility truck bed will clearly cost more money than a new, premade truck bed or one of the many used utility truck beds on offer.  If expense is not your top concern, the sky is the limit when it comes to getting exceptional features in a customized utility bed.  If you are looking to save a lot of money however, you will want to shop for one of the many used truck utility beds on offer than will fit your truck.

When you invest in a new or one of the many used utility truck beds, you will want to make sure that there are repair parts available.  If something should happen to the bed that you buy, you will want to be able to fix the broken components with relative ease.  If you are buying a brand new utility bed, make sure you are offered some kind of warranty as well.  It is not uncommon for manufacturers to offer a three to five year warranty on a high quality bed.  The warranty will often cover issues related to broken fixtures, hinges, locks, load bearing shelves, or rust resistance.

Utility Truck Beds and More Feature Options

When you are ordering one of many different custom utility truck beds, you can choose the features that appeal to you the most.  You can get the truck bed so that it has factory matched exterior paint, painted stainless steel tanks, and scuff plates.  You can also opt for removable panels for ease of loading and unloading any cargo you want to haul.  You can choose from military style utility beds, traditional utility beds, and sometimes these beds are crafted with diamond plate protectors as well.

Some utility truck beds are designed for hauling fuel.  These truck beds have an enclosed fueling system and fuel nozzles enclosed inside a compartment that is lockable.  You can also get a feature that makes hauling welding equipment easy too; this will allow you to protect your equipment from the elements at all times.  Such compartments are lockable so that your equipment is also protected from theft.

If you want to haul tools to and from different jobs, there are a number of utility truck beds that include tool boxes.  What’s more, you can get one of many different style headache racks attached to a utility truck bed you buy; these racks keep your rear window protected from accidental damage as you haul equipment, and they still allow you to see the road behind you when checking the road in your rearview mirror.  Additional features you can get crafted into a custom utility truck bed include things like an overhead rack, custom tool boxes, custom compartments, a tow hitch, a step bumper, and removable rails.  There are also compartment add-ons with flip down doors, slide out shelving, and Tommy gate lifts.

Buying Utility Truck Beds on the Internet

Valley Truck Repair

Valley Truck Repair has a website at where you can get quality utility truck beds.  The physical company is located in Sunnyside, Washington.  The company builds custom utility truck beds made out of .125 marine grade aluminum.  Their custom utility truck beds also have stainless steel vector latches, stainless steel hinges, and 3M heavy duty vinyl wrap.  They make the designs for their utility beds out of special computer designs created from isometric CAD drawings.  The truck utility beds have an applied polyester powder that is baked on at a temperature of 450 degrees to lend to the utility bed’s durability.  They are heavy duty, will not rust, and they are competitively priced.  There are many customizable options that you can choose from too.  You can view the company’s photo gallery online to see all of the beds that they have created.  For more details visit

Forest Park Tractor and Trailer Service Co. Inc.

The Forest Park Tractor and Trailer Service Co. Inc. is located in Forest Park, Georgia.  This company specializes in selling used utility truck beds.  You can view images of the truck bed, a description, and you can contact the company for more information about the utility truck beds that they offer.  This company also sells truck bodies, trucks, lift gates, boats, equipment, salvage, and more.  For full details visit


Roll-A-Bed is a truck bed with sliding features.  These utility truck beds have been used by the fire department in Minneapolis, the United States Air Force, the United States Army, the United States Forest Service, police departments, the SWAT team, and more.  The company offers premade truck utility beds and you can place a custom order as well.  These truck beds can be installed without having to drill into your truck in anyway.  You are offered a thirty day money back guarantee, and you are also offered a five year warranty on one of these utility truck beds.  For full details visit